How does the booking process work?

First you should submit a booking through the tour page of your desired tour. Once we have received your booking, we will then contact all accommodation providers to check availability on the dates you’ve chosen. If any hotels are fully booked we’ll contact you to discuss alternatives.

Once we have booked all of your services we will send you a confirmation and invoice. You will pay a 20% deposit at this stage and the remaining 80% a month before your departure date. If you have chosen to pay by credit card then the 20% will be charged to your card at this point. Your card will not be charged until we have confirmed availability for your chosen dates. In the unlikely event that we cannot confirm your booking (usually due to accommodation availability issues), no charge will be made to your card. You can also pay by direct bank transfer, in which case you simply wait for us to send you an invoice before making payment.



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