Advantages of a self-guided tour
self guided hiking on the kerry way

What is a self-guided tour?

As the name suggests, a self-guided tour is an individual touring holiday without a guide. It is a planned itinerary which you follow on your own terms and at your own pace.

Key Features:

Freedom to choose when and with whom you want to travel

Carefully planned itineraries, saving lots of time on preparation

Go at your own pace while your luggage is transported

Guide yourself with our detailed route notes, maps and GPS tracks

Backup telephone support in case of emergencies

Map reading on the Kerry Way
Map reading on the Kerry Way

Why book a self-guided tour?

The three key advantages to booking a self-guided tour are freedom, expertise, and time saved on research and preparation.


The key concept of a self-guided tour is that you are completely free to decide your own start date and to explore your chosen destination at whatever pace suits you, not in a group but using our detailed notes to guide you. You can take a break whenever you want, lingering for a lazy picnic in the sun, taking a siesta under a shady tree, or perhaps going for a refreshing swim on one of our coastal trails.


When you book a self-guided tour, you are booking a thoroughly researched and planned itinerary, where every detail has been thought through. You receive all the tools you need to find your way independently, without the need for a guide. We provide you with route descriptions, maps, GPS tracks, info on local public transport, restaurants, places of interest, etc. Where necessary, private transfers are pre-arranged to take you to and from remote hiking trails. On our self-guided cycling tours, we also offer the possibility of rental bikes. Our meticulous planning means that things rarely go wrong, but if any emergencies do arise then you have the backup security of telephone support throughout your trip.

Time saved on preparation and research

People sometimes ask, ‘well if there’s no guide, couldn’t I just plan and organise the trip myself?’ Of course you could, but it would usually require a lot of research and a lot of time. We and our trusted partners have worked hard on researching and walking/cycling all of our routes to create the best possible experience. When designing tours, we try to avoid crowds and follow quiet, less-frequented routes. For cycling routes, we select quiet roads or cycle paths with little traffic. Our itineraries are constantly tweaked and improved to ensure the best possible experience. Accommodation is carefully selected, and we also provide luggage transportation between hotels – a service that is not always easy or possible to arrange by yourself.

When you book one of our self-guided tours, we handle the logistics – booking your accommodation, transferring your bags and mapping your route. All you need to do is walk, cycle or drive to the next destination and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells along the way!

Relaxing on the Himmelbjerg Route in Denmark's Lake District
Relaxing on the Himmelbjerg Route in Denmark’s Lake District

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