Who we are

Wild Rover Travel was established in the spring of 2018 by the Irish-Danish couple Niall Corcoran and Cecilie Bech Christensen on the basis of their own passion for hiking and cycling, as well as a general increase in the demand for active outdoor holidays.

The couple has always had a passion for travelling (and indeed met each other while travelling in New Zealand) but the interest in hiking started in 2014 where they went on a self-guided hiking trip around Mont Blanc. Their enthusiasm for this way of holidaying made a lasting impact and they have spent most holidays and a large chunk of their spare time hiking ever since. After they founded Wild Rover Travel, they have also developed a keen interest in self-guided cycling holidays – a great alternative to hiking holidays if you want the pace to be a little higher.

Niall Corcoran has a degree in Tourism Management and has worked as Publicity Executive in Tourism Ireland’s Scandinavian office in Copenhagen promoting Ireland in the Nordic region. Gradually he became more and more fascinated by the idea of starting his own travel company but wasn’t sure what kind of company he wanted as he has always been an independent traveler, preferring to arrange his trips himself rather than going to an agency. When he realized how much time and research was needed in order to arrange a hiking holiday independently, the idea of Wild Rover Travel arose.

What we offer

Wild Rover Travel offers self-guided walking and cycling holidays, which means that you walk/cycle on your own without a guide. You can start whenever is convenient for you and choose your own itinerary and travelling companions. Our active holiday routes are a combination of hotel-to-hotel walking/cycling or looped routes from one or more bases. We transport your luggage where necessary, simply leave it at reception and it will be waiting for you at your next hotel. This leaves you free to enjoy your surroundings at a relaxed pace, using our detailed route notes and maps to guide you.

As well as providing excellent value, self-guided tours promote independent discovery and allow you to enjoy your own unique experience, while going at a pace that suits you.

About the name

The company’s name has its origins in the famous Irish folk song ‘The Wild Rover’ immortalized by The Dubliners. Apart from hinting at the company’s half Irish background, the word ‘rover’ is somebody who spends their time wandering, which is exactly what you will be doing on our trips!

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