Denmark is perhaps not the first place that springs to mind when one thinks of hiking destinations. It does not have the mountain terrain of other European countries, but there are nevertheless plenty of good reasons to consider Denmark for your next walking holiday.   Easy walking in surprisingly varied landscapes Yes, Denmark is relatively

What is a self-guided tour? As the name suggests, a self-guided tour is an individual touring holiday without a guide. It is a planned itinerary which you follow on your own terms and at your own pace. Key Features: Freedom to choose when and with whom you want to travel Carefully planned itineraries, saving lots

Just over a year ago the world shut down. None of us could have imagined at the time that it would affect our lives so much and for so long. Face masks and social distancing have become a way of life. Regular foreign travel has temporarily come to a shuddering halt and our individual worlds

Why go hiking? Hiking is the most popular adventure activity for travelers according to a recent study from the Adventure Travel Trade Association. But why is it that more and more people choose to spend their holidays walking up and down mountains – and why might you? Simple living Standing on the top of a