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Walking holidays in 2021

Just over a year ago the world shut down. None of us could have imagined at the time that it would affect our lives so much and for so long. Face masks and social distancing have become a way of life. Regular foreign travel has temporarily come to a shuddering halt and our individual worlds have become so much smaller.

Like so many, the Wild Rover Travel team have been working from home and limiting our social contacts. Luckily, we have still been able to enjoy the great outdoors and have put our time to good use by developing several new hiking and cycling routes in Denmark. We have also found some great new partner companies and have added many exciting new tours around Europe.

The current vaccine rollout that is happening throughout Europe gives reason for optimism that we can begin to return to our ‘normal’ lives and that summer 2021 could once again be a time for travel and exploration. It is a slow process, of course. We are still very much in a time of travel restrictions, but there are positive signs that these restrictions will soon be eased. The European Union is working hard to coordinate the safe re-opening of Europe for travel. Many countries are working on plans to allow people who are vaccinated or have a negative test result to travel without the need for quarantine. You can keep up to date on the current situation in each EU country here.

So, what will travel look like in a post-covid world?

Many of our tours are in regions that are very reliant on tourism. For these local communities, it is essential that they get their businesses up and running again. Our suppliers are all ready and excited to welcome visitors once again!

We expect that there will be an increased demand for individual travel away from the mass tourism destinations this year. Hiking and cycling trips are a particularly safe and healthy form of travel in these uncertain times. They typically involve travel to remote and/or rural areas far away from large crowds and with an emphasis on fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings. We predict that this type of safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly travel will grow in popularity in the post-covid era.

Peace of mind

Of course, we understand that there is still a degree of uncertainty about the year ahead. New variants of the virus have the potential to undo much of the progress that we have made. That is why we are maintaining a high degree of flexibility for all bookings in 2021. We offer cancellation free of charge if your trip is not possible, or if your government advises against travel to the destination 30 days before your scheduled departure. You can also rebook your holiday to a later date or an alternative travel destination free of charge up to 30 days before your scheduled departure date.

We are very grateful for the guests who have already booked with us and wish you safe and happy travelling in 2021!

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